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Best Self Journal

Food Research & References

Food History Timeline
Schlesinger Library 
Association for the Study of Food & Society
Will Write for Food (affiliate link)

Self-Publishing - resources for authors who want to self publish, by Bowker, the organization that creates ISBNs for books in the United States
Blackbox (shipping)
binding types from Designer Insights

Project Management

Airtable (affiliate link)
Recipe List Template

Cookbook Industry Info

Book Promotion List for authors

Work on Your Writing Skills

The Sound on the Page by Ben Yagoda
The Situation and the Story by Vivian Gornick

Ingredient Conversion Tools

GourmetSleuth Ingredient Conversion
Kitchen Calculator Pro app

Food Photography

Plate to Pixel by Hélène Dujardin
Hélène Dujardin's Photography Workshops locations for photo shoots
Peerspace locations for photo shotos
* tip: Doing your own photography? Look for prop houses to find props. Some antique stores will rent out items for a few days that you can use as props.