Terms & Conditions


Name and services provided.  This course is called The Cookbook Course, and it is offered by Saltshaker Marketing & Media, LLC. The Cookbook Course offers participants an opportunity to create a cookbook proposal and gain insight into the publishing industry.

Fees.  Enrollment in The Cookbook Course is $3,000.00 US, which can be paid at once or paid in 12 monthly installments of $250.00 US (for a total of $3,000.00 US). If you choose the 12-month payment plan, you acknowledge that you are giving Saltshaker Marketing and Media permission to automatically debit your card or checking account each month to collect payment. Your fully paid course fee guarantees you lifetime access to the materials you purchased in The Cookbook Course. Participants who do not complete payment will lose access to the course website and materials.  

Refund Policy.  Full refunds are given up to start date of the course session you have enrolled in. Once your course session starts, full refunds will no longer be given. Participants have 14 calendar days once the course starts to request a partial refund. Participants who have paid in full will receive pro-rated refunds at a rate of $333 per week, as follows: 1) Refunds requested between Day 1 and Day 7 of the course will be refunded $2,667.00 US; 2) Refunds requested between Day 8 and Day 14 of the course will be refunded $2,334.00 US. No refunds will be granted after 14 days. Participants on monthly plans must pay the difference between the amount they have paid to date and the established $333 value of the classes they have had access to, and future payments will be cancelled. 

Deferring Enrollment. Participants may make a written request to defer enrollment to another course date. Deferments will be considered on a case-by-case basis and decisions will be made within fourteen (14) calendar days.

Disclaimers. The information given in The Cookbook Course is for informational and educational purposes only, and should not be construed as financial, legal, medical, or nutritional advice. Participating in The Cookbook Course does not guarantee that you will receive a publishing contract with any publisher or enter an agreement to be represented by an agent. Taking The Cookbook Course does not mean you have entered an agreement to be represented by Saltshaker Marketing & Media. Participating in The Cookbook Course does not guarantee you will earn any amount of income as a result.   

Intellectual Property Rights.  The Cookbook Course is protected by Intellectual Property Laws in the United States and the State of Georgia. With paid enrollment fees, participants may have the right to download and print materials for personal use or for use in their business to create cookbooks and like projects. All current and past participants, including those who have asked for refunds, deferred enrollment, or who have not completed payment, are prohibited from copying and selling, uploading, redistributing, repackaging, or otherwise exploiting or using the content of The Cookbook Course itself for commercial use. Enrolling in The Cookbook Course is an agreement that you will not infringe upon the copyright and trademark rights of The Cookbook Course and Saltshaker Marketing and Media, LLC. All rights not listed are reserved for Saltshaker Marketing and Media, LLC.  Participants in The Cookbook Course retain control over all rights to their own intellectual property. 

By enrolling in The Cookbook Course, you agree to respect the intellectual property rights of other participants: You may not disclose, duplicate, copy and sell, upload, redistribute, repackage, or otherwise exploit or use, in any part, any confidential information about the nature of the work that other participants are creating. The Cookbook Course is not responsible for enforcing this clause, and any infringement of one participant’s work by another participant must be resolved by means between those two parties. The Dispute Settlement Clause in these Terms and Conditions does not apply to disputes between participants. Additionally, participants are responsible for and may take, at their own expenditure, precautions to protect their own intellectual property.

How to Settle Disputes.  Any dispute that cannot be negotiated and resolved between a participant and Saltshaker Marketing and Media will be resolved by arbitration in the State of Georgia. Decisions made by arbitration in Georgia will be binding on both parties. By agreeing to these Terms of Use, you agree to resolve all disputes in this manner. 

Contact Information. The Cookbook Course is offered by Saltshaker Marketing & Media, LLC, owned by Shaun Chavis, mailing and physical address c/o The Gathering Spot, 384 Northyards Blvd NW, Bldg 100, Atlanta, Georgia 30313. Email can be addressed to the following: hello@thecookbookcourse.com, shaun@thecookbookcourse.com, or shaun@saltshakermarketing.com. 

Date: April 23, 2018