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Week 1

Create a Commercially Viable Cookbook 

Getting dinner on the table is just one of five reasons people buy cookbooks. Learn about all the reasons people buy cookbooks, and how to make your concept commercially viable. Refine your mission and message, clarify and strengthen your concept, and learn how to do a competitive analysis for your book. 

Week 2

Start Your Proposal 

You should write a book proposal even if you plan to self-publish. Walk through how to format a proposal, step by step. Learn how to determine what to spend your budget on, what kind of rates you'll pay, and how to get creative on a limited budget. Learn how to write a positioning statement for your book. Guest speaker: A publishing house acquisitions editor talks about proposals that sell. 



Week 3

Build Your Audience: Market & Sell Your Book

Publishing houses start selling books as soon as the proposal is done, and you should, too. Focus on the marketing plan for your book. Learn how to build your audience and platform. Learn strategies to market your book before it's published. 



week 4

Develop Cover Concepts and Design Concepts

The cover of your book is the single most important element that sells your book, and most customers spend less than 10 seconds looking at it. Our guest speaker, a creative director with experience in cookbooks and food magazines, talks about what makes a great cookbook cover. Also learn how to develop a concept for the cover and design of your book that supports your message.



Plan the Cookbook Photography

Begin planning the sexiest part of creating a cookbook: The photography. Most authors dream about the photography, but don't put a lot of thought into photography that truly supports what you're writing. You will! Our guest speaker is a cookbook photographer. Learn about the types of photography and how cookbook photography is different than other types of food photography. Begin developing your signature look. Get valuable strategies for managing your photography team and making the most of your photography budget. 


week 6

Develop and Source Valuable Recipes 

A few great recipes can make the cost of your book worth it—and one bad recipe could cause trouble you don't want. Refine your recipe list to help tell your story and serve your audience. Give your book a consistent and professional edge by developing a brand stylebook for your recipes. Next, learn how to write a recipe. Our guest speaker talks about the ethics of recipe writing to help you avoid costly mistakes. 



week 7

Discover Your Voice and Tell Your Story

A good story, and the voice an author uses to tell their story, is one of the top reasons people buy cookbooks. Learn how to develop your voice and use a cookbook to tell your story. Also, learn how to manage writing a cookbook without feeling overwhelmed, and get helpful tools to manage your project from start to finish.



week 8

Finalizing Your Manuscript and Printing

This practical module walks you through the steps of pulling your hard work together into a professional package ready for press: Your recipes, photography, and layout. Explore and understand different publishing options, including traditional publishing, self-publishing, independent publishing, and e-book publishing. Our guest speaker is an agent who will talk about publishing options.



Week 9

Use Your Book to Build Your Brand

Recipes and cookbooks give your audience a hands-on, sensual experience with your brand. For authors and publishers, the return-on-investment of cookbooks is shifting: savvy marketers are using them as brand-building tools. Learn how to use your cookbook to market your business or brand and build community. Special topics can include healthy cookbooks, destination cookbooks, community cookbooks, and cookbooks for a cause. 


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